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  • Alexandr Anishchenko

    Aktualizēts 23.03.2020 12:28

    Name and surname: Alexandr Anishchenko

    Age: 44

    Gender: Male

    Sending higher education institution and its country: Daugavpils University, Latvia

    Receiving higher education institution and its country: The University of Mindanao, Philippines

    Field of study: Entomology

    Length of mobility period: 10.03.2020-16.03.2020

    It was my third taste of participating in the Erasmus+ program. This experience was very interesting and productive in many aspects.In the course of our training, we shared our knowledge with the staff and students of University of Mindanao.

    Joint field research of coleopteran fauna was conducted in different natural forests and protected areas together with students and teachers of the University of Mindanao. We have demonstrated various methods of collecting and preservation of insects, using pitfall traps, baits, light traps, etc. Classes and joint field work were conducted both day and night. Thus, it was possible to demonstrate and tell students about different ways of behavior, ecological preferences and activity of diurnal and nocturnal insects.

    During the visit, joint articles and future joint projects on the study of the fauna of the Philippines were planned. Prospective groups of Coleoptera for study were identified and discussed with colleagues. Also for the time of the visit of the delegation of scientists from Mindanao University, the program of in-depth research in the laboratory conditions of Daugavpils University is planned.

    Participation in this program was comprehensively interesting and useful for me. During the expedition, a unique material was collected, which will form the basis for scientific publications. New data on ecology and behavior of ground-beetles were obtained. In addition to scientific contacts and knowledge, I have improved my English language and teaching skills.

    I was amazed by the desire of our colleagues and students from University of Mindanao (Philippines) for new knowledge and their excellent professional skills. I would like to note a perfectly organized event and wish further development of a useful program Erasmus+

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