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  • Alexey Shavrin

    Aktualizēts 23.03.2020 12:37

    Name and surname: Alexey Shavrin

    Age: 45

    Gender: Male

    Sending higher education institution and its country: Daugavpils University, Latvia

    Receiving higher education institution and its country: The University of Mindanao, Philippines

    Field of study: Entomology

    Length of mobility period: 10.03.2020-16.03.2020

    It was my third visit of the Philippines as a participant of the Erasmus+ program. The main reasons of this participation were scientific interest in the collecting of new material of beetles for my taxonomic studies and an enrichment of the entomological collection of Daugavpils University (DU), as well as exchange of experience and undertaking of collaborative studies with colleagues from the University of Mindanao (UM). During these several days in Davao, I participated in lectures on Biodiversity and Technology, and Social Science at the University of Mindanao Campus. Besides that, we actively communicated and exchanged experiences with our friends and colleagues from the UM. We had a good chance to visit College of Arts and Sciences Education on the territory of the UM and to see development of the Philippine Coleopterological Network devoted to the study of beetles. In this nice place, we discussed the role of the theoretical entomological knowledge that should be strengthened by the practical studies in the field conditions. Besides that, the role of scientific and pedagogical relations between scientists and students of two cooperating universities (DU and UM) were discussed. Again, I had a good possibility to share my experience in entomology with scientists and students from the UM.

    It was a great experience for my life to take part in the work of the Erasmus+ program. There was a great opportunity in the implementation of cultural exchange and promoting science, as well as the opportunity to improve the training experience and language skills. We met with our friends again, who kindly demonstrated their diverse cultural traditions, and were actively interested in our scientific studies. The Erasmus+ program gives an excellent chance to gain multilateral experience, which will be useful in the future in the cultural and scientific cooperation between DU and UM. The results of the collaborative studies will create the basis for the preparation of scientific publications. New contacts will provide new opportunities for professional growth.

    I strongly recommend this fantastic program for students and scientists from Europe and other countries of the world.

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