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The gradual development of Daugavpils Pedagogical Institute resulted in the necessity to institutionalize its scientific life. In early 70’s of the 20th century, ¼ part (37) out of the 143 academic staff members working for the Institute were Doctors of Science. Alongside, the research areas that are topical for the University researchers and academic staff even today emerged – Radioactive Solid-State Physics, Comparative Linguistics, Pedagogical Processes and Problems of Didactics, Systematic Biology and Microbiological Research, Regularities of Fiction Development, Ancient History and Issues of the Development of Human Consciousness.

The DPI research achievements in the 1960’s urged the need for reforms. In 1971, the Vice-rector for Studies and Research, Docent Leonards Žukovs proposed reorganization of the DPI administrative structure by separating the management of scientific activity from the control of study process. The Director of the Institute (Rector) Gunārs Gulbis established a new staff unit – Vice-rector for Research. This turned out to be the beginning of a new stage in the history of the DPI development. Dr.phys. Amandis Podiņš (appointed for the period 1971-1998) was the first Vice-rector for Research. This post was later held by Dr.phys. Valfrīds Paškevičs (1998-2002), Dr.biol. Arvīds Barševskis (2002-2007), Dr.oec. Elita Jermolajeva (since 2007).

Expanding of the DU scientific activity resulted in establishing of the Department of Sciences in 2004.

Currently almost 70% of members of DU academic staff have doctoral degree.

DU has a number of scientific institutes and centres:  

  • Institute of Ecology;
  • G. Libert’s Innovative Microscopy Centre;
  • Institute of Sustainable Education;
  • Institute of Comparative Studies;
  • Latgale Research Institute;
  • Centre of Mathematical Research;
  • Centre of Material Surface Strengthening Technologies;
  • Institute of Art;
  • Oral History Centre;
  • Institute of Systematic Biology;
  • Institute of Social Research.

The study and research work of DU is facilitated by

  • Centre of Information Technologies;
  •  Multimedia and other centres;
  •  Centre of Foreign Languages;

The DU Technology Transfer Office was established in 2008 to foster cooperation between scientists and entrepreneurs.

The Department of Sciences deals with conceptual issues of the DU scientific activity, ensures the university level research, performs strategic planning of the DU development, and carries out elaboration, coordination and supervision of projects.

The Department of Sciences coordinates and supervises all the projects implemented by DU.

The main scientific directions of DU:  

  • Innovative Materials and Technologies (Holography, Nano-Structured Materials);
  • Information Technologies, Mathematical Modeling;
  • Biological Diversity, Systematic Biology, Animal Histology, Cell Biology, Population Genetics, Ecology, Environmental Science;
  • Energy and Environment;
  • Sustainable Use of Local Resources;
  • Public Health (Health Care, Physiology, Rehabilitation);
  • National Identity and Intercultural Studies (Literary Theory, Linguistics, Culture and History Process, Letonics, Comparative Studies in Humanities);
  • Sustainable Education, Pedagogical Theories and Branch Pedagogy, Lifelong Learning;
  • Social Research in Economics, Sociology, Social Psychology, Politics and Law;
  • Regionalism: incl. Research of the Latgale Region and Oral History;
  • Music and Arts Studies – Theory, Practice and Development.


13 – 219 Vienības Street
Daugavpils, LV-5401
Phone: +371 65425452
E-mail: zinda[at]
Head Anna Vanaga
13 – 219 Vienības Street
Phone: +71 65425452E-mail: anna.vanaga[at]
Senior assistant Olita Miglāne
13 – 219 Vienības Street
Phone: +71 65425452
E-mail: olita.miglane[at]
Project Administrator Alise Griķe
13 – 228 Vienības Street
Phone: +371 65423265
E-mail: alise.grike[at]
Project Coordinator Karolīna Hrapāne
13 – 125 Vienības Street
Phone: +371 65421606
E-mail: karolina.hrapane[at]
Project Coordinator Zaiga Vītola
13 – 219 Vienības Street
Phone: +371 65425452
E-mail: zaiga.vitola[at]
Project Coordinator Daiga Saulīte
13 – 228 Vienības Street
Phone: +371 65423265
E-mail: daiga.saulite[at]
Project Coordinator, Project Training Expert Olita Urbāne
13 – 228 Vienības Street
Phone: +371 65423265
E-mail: olita.urbane[at]

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