Daugavpils University Exchange Students Winter Trip to Riga

Aktualizēts 15.12.2021 10:30

Erasmus+ and IISMA exchange students from Daugavpils University had visited Riga for two days on December 11-12, 2021. During this trip, the group had visited a war memorial, went to Riga Motor Museum, as well as the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. They also went sightseeing at buildings with Art Nouveau architecture, where later the students had enjoyed the Christmas Market in Vērmane Garden.

The International students came from Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and Kazakhstan. This trip had made them learn more about the history of Latvia by visiting the Salaspils memorial before arriving at Riga, and on the second day of the excursion they went to the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. The students all agreed that it was important to know about Latvia’s history including its dark past. They had also learned about the history of automotive in the Riga Motor Museum during the first day of the excursion, with antique cars being displayed in the museum.

The students were able to try authentic Latvian food in LIDO for lunch on the first day of the excursion, after visiting the Riga Motor Museum. The Christmas decoration placed there created a beautiful view and matches the Christmas spirit. Not only that, but Riga during winter had a different look. The students were able to enjoy the Christmas vibes of the city in Riga. A lot of lovely light decorations can be seen on buildings and on the streets. However, the roads had become wet with puddles and slippery due to the rain. They had to walk very carefully, as well as watch out for falling snow from the roofs.

The Art Nouveau architecture was a sight to see on the second day of the excursion. It is a unique style of architecture that the students had immersed themselves in. They had walked quite a bit on Alberta street, whilst being guided by a tour guide. The Christmas Market at the Vērmane Garden was also something the students had looked out for since the first day of the excursion. They were then finally able to find and experience one on the second day, before returning to Daugavpils. In the makeshift market, each stall was selling different things, starting from food, jewelry, pottery, and clothes.

The winter wonderland in Riga had left a good impression on the exchange students and would be an unforgettable memory. They were able to learn and enjoy more of Latvia, and not just study in Daugavpils. This entire trip was possible thanks to Daugavpils University who arranged the whole excursion.

Ida Ayu Mas Kusumaningtyas,Indonesia

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