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G.Liberts’ Innovative Microscopy Centre
G.Liberts’ Innovative Microscopy Centre was founded in 2004 as a result of European Union Structure Funds Project by uniting scientific laboratories of the Department of Physics. The author of the idea and the person who carried it out, devoting his life to science was professor Guntis Liberts. In 2007 centre was named in his honour. Today, the centre is doing scientific research in different areas (functional nanostructured materials, holography, biophysics, etc.); it also cooperates with biologists and doctors. The centre carries out projects financed by the EU as well as Latvian Council of Science. Here students produce their term papers, disertations and other kinds of scientific work.1 – 129 Parādes Street
Daugavpils LV-5401, Latvia
E-mail: imc[at]
Head of the Centre: Dr.phys., asoc. prof. Edmunds Tamanis
Mathematical Research Centre
1 – 238 Parādes Street
Phone: +371 65422302
E-mail: mk[at]
Multimedia Centre
1 – 216 Parādes Street
Daugavpils, LV-5401, Latvia
E-mail: mmc[at]du.lvInstitute of Ecology
Institute of Ecology was founded in 2004. The institute conducts fundamental and constructive research in biology (especially in trial of water anf forest resources) and environmental studies (especially in nature protection and planning of territorial development), ensuring the incorporation of the results of the researches in the study process.

13 Vienības Street
Daugavpils LV-5401, Latvia
Phone: +371 65425297
E-mail: arturs.skute[at]
Head of the Institute: Dr.biol., prof. Artūrs Škute

Institute of Systematic Biology
Institute of Systematic Biology (ISB) was founded in 2005. The main aim of ISB is to carry out scientific research in the field of systematic biology (entomology, zoology and botany), ecology, genetics, biotechnology and parasitology. ISB research centers and labs:

  • Centre of Coleopterological Research
  • Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Evolution
  • Laboratory of Parasitology and Histology
  • Laboratory of Biotechnology
  • Laboratory of Systematic Botany
  • Laboratory of Systematic Zoology
  • Group of Project Management and Information
  • Training and Research Centre “Ilgas”

Centre of Coleopterological Research

  • Interaction between nanoparticles and biological organisms
  • Fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) in Baltic Sea Region: distribution, taxonomy and insect protection
  • Fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) in Daugava River Basin: distribution, taxonomy and insect protection
  • Fauna, biogeography, taxonomy and systematics of Brachininae, Broscinae, Elaphrinae, Loricerinae, Omophroninae subfamilies in Carabidae family
  • Fauna, biogeography, taxonomy and systematics of rove beetles (Staphylinidae, genus Latrobium)
  • Fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) in protected areas of Latvia
  • Fauna of sinanthropus beetles and research of economic effect
  • Effect of different types of felling on biodiversity of forest insects
  • Effect of wind-fall on biodiversity of forest insects

Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Evolution

  • Modernization of aquaculture technology
  • Trade-offs between signalling pathways in immune defence, survival and sexual selection in a pest insect (Galleria melonella)
  • Behaviour and ecology of hole-nesting birds
  • Hematological parameters of birds in relation to acute and chronic stress
  • Blood parasties of birds and their geographical distribution
  • Relationships between blood parasties of birds and their hosts
  • Adaptations of birds to northern conditions
  • Ecological immunology of mealworm beetles Tenebrio molitor
  • Ecological immunology of field crickets Gryllus integer
  • Ecology of plant and herbivore interactions
  • Effect of climate change on biological diversity of pine forests
  • Ecology and distribution of endangered dragonfly Aescha viridis
  • Evolution of social behaviour
  • Behavioural ecology of humans

Laboratory of Parasitology and Histology

  • Parasites of marine and freshwater fishes
  • Parasites of wild and domestic animals

Laboratory of Biotechnology

  • Plant cell and tissue cultures
  • Plant molecular genetics (plant immunity)
  • Molecular biodiversity research at population level
  • Molecular methods in systematic biology

Laboratory of Systematic Botany

  • Flora, distribution, taxonomy and plant protection in Baltic Sea Region
  • Flora, distribution, taxonomy and plant protection in Daugava River Basin
  • Species of genus Salix in Palearctic ecozone
  • Research of cultivated taxons of genus Acer  in the Eastern Europe
  • Invasive dendroflora of Latvia
  • Inventory of dendrological taxons in Latvia
  • Flora and ecology of macrophytes in Latvian lakes: Charophyta, Bryophyte and Tracheobionta
  • Flora of the South-eastern Latvia
  • Natural forests in Latvia
  • Endangered and protected plants in Latvia

 Laboratory of Systematic Zoology

  • Affecting factors of terrestrial snail diversity in Latvian forests
  • Distribution, ecology and biology of endangered and protected snail (Gastropoda) species in Latvia
  • Mollusca fauna in Latvia and Russia
  • Fauna, systematics and protection of small mammals in Latvia
  • Effect of climate changes on diversity of invertebrates in wet broad-leaved and black alder  forests

Research Projects

Project Title Project Leader Project Duration Project Sponsor      Funding  (EUR) 
Joint resistance to bio invasions for sustainable agriculture and management of natural resources Coordinator:

I. Vorobjova

03.06.2013. – 02.12.2014. Operational Programme “Latvia – Lithuania” 89 765
Tartu, Rēzekne, Pskov: Green Management for Urban Development & Planning in EE-LV-RU Border Capitals Coordinator:

I. Vorobjova

01.05.2012. – 30.04.2014. Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme 82 842
Management of Fennoscandian wooded meadows (6530*) and two priority beetle species: planning, public participation, innovation Leader:

J. Bāra

21.01.2011. – 1.07.2015. European Commission, LIFE Programme 485 849
Development of scientific infrastructure of National Research Centre of Forest and Water Resources Coordinator:

U. Valainis

12.01.2012. –31.03.2015. European Regional Development Fund 1 151 073
Establishment of nanoparticles and biological objects interaction studies research group Leader:

A. Barševskis

1.11.2013. – 31.08.2015. European Social Fund 489 442
Establishment of genetic monitoring system of wild species Coordinator:

D. Pilāte

24.01.2014. – 31.08.2015. European Social Fund 43 010
Trade-offs between signaling pathways in immune de fence, survival and sexual selection in a pest insect (Galleria melonella) Leader:

I. Krams

1.02.2013. – 31.12.2016. Latvian Council of Science 206 752


Editorial offices of journals Baltic Journal of Coleopterology and Acta Biologica Universitatis Daugavpiliensis are located in the ISB. Articles of both journals are indexed in CAB International, BIOSIS (Zoological Records u.c.), Cambridge Scientifical Abstracts. Both journals are included in the ISI Thomson Scientific Master Journal List. The academic bachelor study programme “Biology” and doctoral study programme “Biology” are implemented by the ISB. Academic staff of the ISB is participating in teaching students from the following study programmes: ABSP “Biology”, professional master study programme “Biology”, DSP “Biology”, ABSP “Environmental Science”, PMSP “Environmental planning”, ABSP “Chemistry”. ISB is organizing scientific conferences, seminars, courses and other events.

13 – 229 Vienības Street
Daugavpils LV-5401, Latvia
Phone: +371 65426719

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