International students from Kenya, Lesotho and Philippines have successfully finished their studies in Daugavpils University

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This spring semester in the 2018/2019 study year, 9 international students from three different countries came to Daugavpils University in the framework of the Erasmus+ KA107 programme, to study Biology in the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The duration of their stay was 5 months. This was the first time that students from Lesotho, Kenya and the Philippines came to study at Daugavpils University.

Students studied subjects such as biotechnology, botany, biogeography, biometry and many others. They also participated in field work, did a lot of practical work and experiments. The Research Centre ‘’Ilgas’’ was a beneficial place for them as they learned many new things about nature. All of the students passed their examinations with excellent results. Quoting a student named Ouma Fredrick Okode from Maseno University, Kenya :

‘’ This study actually brought a long a slew of experience in my life; not limited to academic but also social, cultural, environmental awareness and biodiversity management strategies. Our academic work ranges from class work to field events. At class work more Practical activities were emphasized, it was such interesting to learn technics involving PCR analysis, Statistical analysis of data using SPSS and new skills of making presentations through pictures. Field events at Ilgas research Centre exposed me to real nature and understanding the fauna and flora. It was such lively tours around the lakes and natural forests.’’

As well as study, the students saw many places, made friends for life in different parts of Latvia, took part in Daugavpils University graduations, they experienced Daugavpils city festival, the summer solstice and many other events. Music played an important role in the students’ lives in Daugavpils University too, a student from The National University of Lesotho, Sindiswa Machinini- Khabele sang in graduation ceremonies and in front of students, she said:

‘’Words are not enough to express how the Erasmus + Programme affected my life socially and spiritually. In a week’s time upon arrival in Daugavpils University, Professor Dzintra invited us to her lecture on Pedagogy to inform the students about our country Lesotho,   that interaction opened many doors for me. While introducing myself, I mentioned that one of my hobbies is singing, and I had an opportunity to sing one song. From that lecture doors for singing were opened, as in the next  few weeks was a graduation ceremony for teachers where I sang a Sesotho song that indeed filled everyone with awe.’’

The Erasmus+ KA107 programme has given the opportunity for the students to learn  the Latvian culture, traditions and the life of people living in Latvia. For Daugavpils University it was a pleasure to have such great, positive and energetic students!

Velta Dilba,
Erasmus+ KA107 Project coordinator at Daugavpils University


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