Professor Tsepo Mokuku’s visit from the National University of Lesotho to Daugavpils University through the Erasmus+ (KA107) Programme

Aktualizēts 12.06.2019 10:35

From the 2nd until June 8th an Associate Professor Tsepo Mokuku from the National University of Lesotho visited Daugavpils University in the framework of the Erasmus+ (KA107) programme. Professor Tsepo Mokuku works in the department of Science Education in the National University of Lesotho. His aim during his visit to Lavia and Daugavpils University was to introduce new project ideas and to establish a further relationship in cooperation  between Daugavpils University and the National University of Lesotho. Academic Citizenship through ESD Community Engagement project was discussed with Senior specialist of cooperation issues Liene Leikuma-Rimicāne and Erasmus+(KA107) Project coordinator Velta Dilba. Mr.Mokuku read a lecture for staff and students at Daugavpils University  on North-South Partnership for Community-Based Ecotourism and Sustainable Livelihoods in Lesotho. When starting his seminar Professor Mokuku introduced staff and students to the everyday life of Lesotho people and his home village, which made the audience even more eager to listen.

Professor Tsepo Mokuku was brought to Daugavpils University Research Centre ‘’Ilgas’’ in Skrudalienes municipality for a tour around the laboratories. A researcher from the Institute for Life Sciences and Technology, Aivars Dunskis, explained the history of the building and showed the collection of various beetle species, which have been found in various countries such as Latvia, Lesotho, The Philippines, China and others.

Professor Mokuku visited a secondary school in Līvāni, which is about a fourty minute drive from Daugavpils. There he met the principle of the school, Gatis Pastars, who kindly welcomed everyone and gave a tour around the school. Professor Mokuku got a chance to see an alternative education system that there is in Latvia, which in fact is very developed.

An important part of Professors visit to Latvia was the meeting that was held with the mayor of Daugavpils, Andrejs Elksniņš. Professor Tsepo Mokuku managed to build a relationship with the city’s mayor and agree to cooperate in the future between Daugavpils Municipality and the National University of Lesotho. Eco-tourism between Daugavpils, Latvia and Lesotho was nominated as the main aim in this cooperation.

Professor Tsepo Mokuku also had a chance to experience the Latvian culture and traditions, spend time with his three students from Lesotho; Sindiswa Augustina Maitumeleng Khabele, Khathatso Ignatius Maraisane and Nthatisi Margrett Puputla who have been studying a course in Biology  in Daugavpils University this spring semester. Most importantly , Professor Tsepo Mokuku had the chance to attend Daugavpils City Festival where all students and staff participated in a parade representing Daugavpils University, enjoyed concerts, markets and many other entertainments.

Velta Dilba,
Erasmus+ KA107 Project coordinator at Daugavpils University

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