Available Equipment

Institute of Systematic Biology

Laboratory Equipment

  • Confocal laser scanning microscope Zeiss LSM 5 Pascal
  • Motorized stereomicroscope Zeiss Stereo Lumar. V12
  • Motorized stereomicroscope Zeiss Stereo Discovery V12
  • Motorized stereomicroscope Zeiss Stereo Discovery V8
  • Binocular microscope Zeiss Stemi 2000
  • Binocular microscope Zeiss Stemi SV6

Equipped Mobile Laboratory

  • Toyota Hiace (2,5 D-4D 117 5 d 4WD)
  • Rugged Notebook GETAC M230
  • Hydrolab DS 5X
  • Generator Honda EU Inverter 20i
  • Boat Outlander MA-4200
  • Boat engine Suzuki Marine DF 15
  • Meteostation (6162EU – Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus)
  • Meteostation (Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station WMR928NX)
  • Motorized insect exhauster
  • Rotary light trap with programming display
  • Smoke generator SWINGFOG SN 50

Additional equipment

  • Freezer Wirlpool AFG 6512 BWP
  • Scanner Epson GT 15000 (A3 format)
  • Photocamera Canon EOS 400D

G. Liberts’ Innovative microscopy centre

  • Variable pressure electron scanning microscope VEGA II LMU, TESCAN, equipped with EDX/EBSD detectors Oxford Instruments INCA Synergy 350 and also nanolithography system Raith ELPHY PLUS
  • Confocal laser scanning microscope Leica TCSP-5. LSM includes 3 spectral confocal channels with capabilities of simultaneous spectral analysis of fluorescent images, excitation of fluorescence in objects with different visible lasing wavelength. LSM is provided for working in multiphoton initiation (MPE) mode with irfs laser, which enables to carry out microscopy of fluorescence kinetics (FLIM mode) more than 100 ps with capabilities of additional initiation coherent control. Image analysis and data processing provided by special software for 3D visualization, full color presentation, interactive data saving and management of experiment sequence.
  • Fs lasersystem, on the basis of Chameleon – Ultra Coherent laser system with scanning range 690-1040 nm and minimum power of 2-2,5 W, autocorrelator APE Carpe, acousto-optic programmable dispersive filter (Fastlite) Dazzler HR-700-950/T2, optomechanical units for beam guiding and other accessories, that enable on-line diagnosis of radiation parameters, compatibility with some experiments (microscopy, NLO, optical recording), synchronizing with different types of electronic and photon registration devices, visual IR beams’ adjustment tools, analog and digital photorecording channels and system monitoring.

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