Content of ABSP “History”


Autumn semester
Vēst2025 Source studies (PDF, 53.9 Kb)
Vēst3043 Introduction into historiography (PDF, 49 Kb)
Vēst1022 Introduction to history science (PDF, 50.8 Kb)
Vēst2024 History of Latvia (PDF, 49.9 Kb)
Vēst3050 History of Latvia (PDF, 51.1 Kb)
Vēst2003 World history: contemporary history (PDF, 58.7 Kb)
Vēst1006 World history: ancient history (PDF, 51.5 Kb)
Vēst1047 Systems of notions in ancient civilizations (PDF, 50.2 Kb)
Vēst2040 Scientific world view in the 17th-20th centuries (PDF, 50.5 Kb)
Vēst3045 Bachelor’s thesis (PDF, 33.6 Kb)

Spring semester
Vēst2005 Source Studies (PDF, 54.5 Kb)
Vēst2026 Source studies (PDF, 50.4 Kb)
Vēst3009 Introduction into historiography (PDF, 49.4 Kb)
Vēst3044 Introduction into historiography (PDF, 48.9 Kb)
Vēst2004 History of Latvia (PDF, 51.8 Kb)
Vēst2027 History of Latvia (PDF, 50.1 Kb)
Vēst3042 History of Latvia (PDF, 53.4 Kb)
Vēst3008 World history: modern history (PDF, 53.7 Kb)
Vēst1020 World history: history of Middle Ages (PDF, 49.7 Kb)
Vēst1043 Systems of notions in ancient civilizations (PDF, 52.6 Kb)
Vēst1048 Systems of notions in ancient civilizations (PDF, 49.7 Kb)
Vēst2041 Religious systems in the 20th century (PDF, 54.6 Kb)
Vēst1058 Term paper in general history (PDF, 32.7 Kb)
Vēst4004 Bachelor’s examination in cultural history (PDF, 31.3 Kb)
Vēst1106 Term paper in cultural history (PDF, 31.5 Kb)
Vēst5004 Bachelor’s thesis (PDF, 34 Kb)
Vēst3046 Bachelor’s thesis (PDF, 33.1 Kb)
Vēst4003 Bachelor’s examination in history (PDF, 31.3 Kb)
Vēst2023 Term paper in history of Latvia (PDF, 32.8 Kb)


Autumn semester
Teol3001 Church history in Latvia (PDF, 55.2 Kb)
Vēst1089 Oriental cultures: culture of India (PDF, 50.8 Kb)
Vēst1007 Cultural anthropology (PDF, 49.3 Kb)
FilZ1008 Theory of culture (PDF, 50.3 Kb)
LitZ1044 History of Latvian folklore and literature I (PDF, 47.5 Kb)
Vēst1001 History of Latvian social life (PDF, 49.4 Kb)
MākZ1252 History of Latvian art and architecture I (PDF, 46.9 Kb)
MākZ1233 Fundamentals of art science: categories of aesthetics (PDF, 49.1 Kb)
MākZ1025 Fundamentals of art science: painting and graphics (PDF, 45.9 Kb)
MākZ3016 Music in European culture (PDF, 50 Kb)
Vēst3022 World cinema history (PDF, 49.5 Kb)
LitZ1040 World literature history: Ancient times – the 19th century II (PDF, 51.3 Kb)
Vēst1036 World art and architecture history: Renaissance – the 18th century (PDF, 47.6 Kb)
Vēst3021 History of world theatre (PDF, 49.8 Kb)
Vēst1023 Archaeology (PDF, 50.5 Kb)
Vēst3014 The Baltic states during World War II (PDF, 50.6 Kb)
Vēst3013 Trends of ideas in Western Europe in the 19th – beginning of the 20th century (PDF, 46 Kb)
Vēst2007 Latgale history of the 16th-18th centuries (PDF, 50.5 Kb)
Vēst1028 Latvian archaeology (PDF, 48.6 Kb)
Vēst2011 History of the USSR (1922-1991) (PDF, 52.4 Kb)
Vēst3059 Reception of past in contemporary and modern times (PDF, 49.4 Kb)
Vēst3011 Post-war Daugavpils history in sources (PDF, 49.6 Kb)
Vēst2008 Reformation in Europe (PDF, 54.3 Kb)
Vēst1025 Founders of the Ancient World (PDF, 50.4 Kb)
Vēst1024 Geographical discoveries of the ancient world (PDF, 50 Kb)
Vēst1026 Old Testament as a source of history (PDF, 50.4 Kb)
Vēst3010 Fundamentals of research work (PDF, 51.4 Kb)
JurZ1007 Civil defence (PDF, 255.5 Kb)
VidZP019 Environment protection (PDF, 172.1 Kb)

Spring semester
Vēst1090 Oriental cultures: Arabic and Chinese culture in the Middle Ages (PDF, 50.3 Kb)
Folk2001 Baltic mythology (PDF, 47.6 Kb)
LitZ2002 History of Latvian folklore and literature (PDF, 50.2 Kb)
LitZ1045 History of Latvian folklore and literature II (PDF, 48.3 Kb)
MākZ2022 History of Latvian art and architecture (PDF, 47.1 Kb)
MākZ1253 History of Latvian art and architecture II (PDF, 45.6 Kb)
Vēst3024 History of Latvian theatre and cinema (PDF, 48.8 Kb)
Vēst1088 Museum placement (PDF, 33.4 Kb)
Vēst3020 Fundamentals of museum science (PDF, 48.2 Kb)
Vēst1086 Fundamentals of art science (PDF, 65.2 Kb)
Vēst2013 Fundamentals of art science: cinema (PDF, 50 Kb)
Vēst1034 Fundamentals of art science: literature (PDF, 50.8 Kb)
Vēst1033 Fundamentals of art science: theatre (PDF, 48.6 Kb)
MākZ2020 Fundamentals of art science: music (PDF, 50.1 Kb)
Vēst1035 Myth and ritual in culture (PDF, 48.5 Kb)
LitZ1043 World literature history (PDF, 57.3 Kb)
LitZ1041 World literature history: Ancient times – the 19th century I (PDF, 51.2 Kb)
LitZ1004 World literature history: 20th – 21st century (PDF, 51.3 Kb)
Vēst1087 World art and architecture history (PDF, 58.2 Kb)
MākZ2021 World art and architecture history: Primeval art – the Middle Ages (PDF, 49.9 Kb)
Vēst2014 World art and architecture history: 19th-21st century (PDF, 50.6 Kb)
Vēst3018 History of Eastern Europe (1945-1989) (PDF, 52.3 Kb)
Vēst1031 The Baltic Region in the Middle Ages (PDF, 49.5 Kb)
Vēst2012 History of the Baltic states (1918-1940) (PDF, 53.8 Kb)
Vēst2010 Latgale history of the 19th-20th centuries (PDF, 49.1 Kb)
Vēst3019 Modern technologies in the science of history (PDF, 50.5 Kb)
Vēst1060 Oral history placement (PDF, 31.7 Kb)
Vēst2028 Local history placement (PDF, 35.4 Kb)
Vēst3015 History of Poland in the 20th century (PDF, 50.6 Kb)
Vēst3017 State and society of the Ancient World (PDF, 51.4 Kb)
Vēst2009 Slavic peoples in the 16th-19th centuries (PDF, 49.9 Kb)
Vēst1030 Slavic peoples in the Middle Ages (PDF, 49.7 Kb)
Vēst1029 Perception of power in ancient world (PDF, 49.6 Kb)
Vēst1032 Local history studies (PDF, 49.5 Kb)
Vēst3016 History of Nordic countries after World War II (PDF, 49.5 Kb)


Autumn semester
Filo1032 Jewish diaspora: history and culture (PDF, 49.6 Kb)
Filo1055 Culture of India in context of Orient cultures (PDF, 50.8 Kb)
Filo1033 Islam – religion, culture, politics (PDF, 48.6 Kb)
Valo1189 Functional communication and language (PDF, 47.3 Kb)
Valo1134 Swedish language (PDF, 45 Kb)

Spring semester
Valo1135 Spanish language (PDF, 46.5 Kb)
Valo2151 Language in cultural dialogue (PDF, 49.9 Kb)
Vēst1042 Paradoxes of history (PDF, 50.1 Kb)

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