Content of AMSP “History”


Autumn semester
MākZ5066 Global culture and identity (PDF, 47.4 Kb)
Teol7001 Contemporary religious conceptions (PDF, 50.5 Kb)
Vēst5033 Problems of regionalism in history (PDF, 50.3 Kb)
Vēst6025 Methodologies of history (PDF, 51.1 Kb)
Vēst6016 Traditions and topical issues of historical research in Latvia (PDF, 50.5 Kb)
Vēst5012 Problems of the history of Latvia in historiography (PDF, 61.5 Kb)
Vēst5011 Problems of the history of Latvia in historiography II (PDF, 51.8 Kb)
Vēst4011 The idea of history (PDF, 50.9 Kb)
Vēst6027 Problems of cultural history in the 20th and 21st centuries (PDF, 49.3 Kb)
Vēst7004 Methodologies of culture studies (PDF, 43.7 Kb)
Vēst1066 Methodologies of culture studies II (PDF, 53.5 Kb)
FilZ6001 Philosophy of culture (PDF, 52.2 Kb)
Vēst6004 Paradigms of artistic understanding (PDF, 52.3 Kb)
Vēst4019 Fundamentals of archaeography (PDF, 52.6 Kb)
Vēst4017 Fundamentals of archive science (PDF, 52 Kb)
Vēst4018 Oral history (PDF, 50.9 Kb)
Vēst5018 World as culture (PDF, 51.2 Kb)
Vēst5025 Terminology of history in English language (PDF, 46.3 Kb)
Vēst6009 Activities of Baltic Jesuits (PDF, 49.9 Kb)
Vēst6007 Culture and modern technologies (PDF, 48.1 Kb)
MākZ7001 Latest tendencies in scenic art of Latvia (PDF, 49 Kb)
Vēst7005 Subcultures in the contemporary society (PDF, 50.3 Kb)
Vēst7003 Space models in the European culture (PDF, 50.1 Kb)
Vēst4015 Master’s thesis I (PDF, 33.9 Kb)
Vēst5008 Master’s thesis III (PDF, 34 Kb)

Spring semester
Vēst7001 Social anthropology (PDF, 50.7 Kb)
Vēst6017 History informatics (PDF, 49.5 Kb)
MākZ5067 Historical phenomenology (PDF, 49 Kb)
Vēst5024 Problems of the 20th century history (PDF, 50.4 Kb)
Vēst4022 Problems of the history of Latvia in historiography I (PDF, 57.7 Kb)
Vēst4021 Philosophy of history (PDF, 56.4 Kb)
Filo7007 Ethnogenesis of the Balts (PDF, 48.3 Kb)
Vēst1065 Methodologies of culture studies I (PDF, 52.9 Kb)
Vēst6006 Latvian culture within the cultural system of Europe (PDF, 46.7 Kb)
Vēst6005 History of art science (PDF, 49.2 Kb)
Vēst5034 Contemporary art aesthetics (PDF, 51.2 Kb)
Vēst7006 Para-religious ideas in culture (PDF, 50.3 Kb)
Vēst5010 Master’s thesis (PDF, 33.4 Kb)
Vēst4016 Master’s thesis II (PDF, 33.9 Kb)
Vēst5009 Master’s thesis IV (PDF, 33.9 Kb)
Vēst7010 Master’s examination in history (PDF, 33.4 Kb)


Autumn semester
Vēst5026 Seminar on master’s thesis I (PDF, 49.5 Kb)
Vēst5027 Seminar on master’s thesis II (PDF, 50 Kb)
Vēst4020 Analysis of the theme of research project (PDF, 45.8 Kb)

Spring semester
Vēst5035 Seminar on master’s thesis (PDF, 61.3 Kb)
Vēst5028 Seminar on master’s thesis III (PDF, 51.8 Kb)
Vēst5029 Seminar on master’s thesis IV (PDF, 48.1 Kb)
Vēst5031 Participation in 2 scientific conferences (PDF, 32.9 Kb)
Vēst5030 Publication / written presentation of research (PDF, 31.8 Kb)
Vēst5032 Analysis of concept of research project (PDF, 46.7 Kb)

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