Psychology (Social Psychology)

Programme Duration: 2 academic years
Programme Workload: 80 CP / 120 ECTS CP
Admission Requirements: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology
Obtainable Degree: Master of Social Sciences in Psychology
Place of the Programme Implementation: Daugavpils University, 1 Parādes Street
Forms of the Programme Implementation: full-time studies
Programme Director: Associated professor, Dr.psych. Aleksejs Ruža

The aim of master’s study programme “Psychology”is to ensure students, matriculated in DU, with academic education in psychology science, by giving deeper theoretical knowledge in sub-branch of social psychology and developing independent skills of scientific research work.

In the master’s study programmestudies of psychology branch are envisaged, they include theoretical and practical study courses, which further develop knowledge, skills and acquirements in psychological research. Courses of theoretical, methodological and practical skills foster realization of the following tasks:

  • to foster individual application of students’ theoretical knowledge, cognitive and research skills in solving particular problems;
  • to ensure continuation of psychological education for inhabitants of Latgale region;
  • to foster development of potential and methodological level of higher education establishments and other education institutions;
  • to cope with the demand for qualified specialists for social and research centres;
  • to foster skills of elaboration of independent psychological research, which would be scientifically creative and corresponding to basic principles of research;
  • to foster personality development of master students for work in democratic society;
  • to promote realization of high standards of professional ethics.

As a result of the programme’s acquisition, the graduate will acquire and be able to demonstrate:


Students are able to demonstrate deeper and specialized knowledge and comprehension, the knowledge corresponds to the highest achievement level in the branch of psychology science and professional activities, ensuring base for creative thinking and research;


Students are able to independently apply theory, methods and skills of problem solving for doing research work. They are able to reasonably explain and discuss complicated and systemic issues of psychology branch. Students are able to independently enforce development of their competences, take responsibility of work results and their analysis, do innovations in psychology branch, do research in complicated conditions by applying new methods.


Students are able to independently define and critically analyse complicated scientific problems, justify decisions and make additional analysis. Students are able to integrate knowledge of diverse fields, contribute to creating new knowledge, develop research methods, demonstrate understanding and ethical responsibility for the possible impact of the achievements of science on society.

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