Programme Duration: 3 academic years – full-time studies
Programme Workload: 120 CP / 180 ECTS CP
Admission Requirements: Master’s degree in Economics or Managerial Science;
applicant’s Doctoral Thesis research proposal and discussion on it;
examination in a foreign language (English, German, or French)
Obtainable Degree: Doctor of Economics
Place of the Programme Implementation: Daugavpils University, 1 Parādes Street
Forms of the Programme Implementation: full-time studies
Programme Director: Dr.oec., Olga Lavriņenko
Study course descriptions Study course descriptions

The aim of the doctoral study programme “Economics “is to train highly-qualified specialists for independent academic, research and practical activities in the science of economics, in its sub-branches “Regional Economics” and “Finance and Credit”.

The major tasks of the doctoral study programme (further DSP) are:

  • to give students of the programme knowledge corresponding to the contemporary level of economics in the sub-branches of regional economics and finance and credit
  • to acquire contemporary research methods in economics;
  • to create optimal conditions for doctoral students’ research – opportunities to work in the library, to use modern information and communication technologies, regularly participate in scientific conferences in Latvia and abroad, have in-service training in other universities and research centers,  publish their papers in internationally reviewed scientific editions;
  • to have practical training in conducting scientific research and teaching  in a higher education establishment;
  • to provide conditions for developing and defending the doctoral thesis;
  • to promote the introduction of the latest findings and theories in economics in state and local government institutions, organizations and commercial companies.

As a result of the programme’s acquisition, the graduate will acquire and be able to demonstrate:


Students are able to demonstrate that they:

  • know and understand topical scientific theories and findings in economics;
  • know research methodology and contemporary research methods in the branch of economics, including sub-branches of regional economics, finance and credit;
  • know terminology of economics in English.


Students are able to:

  • independently evaluate and select methods adequate for the scientific research in economics;
  • apply the acquired theoretical knowledge to the particular research theme;
  • at conducting an original research, contribute to expanding the scope of knowledge or to creating a new understanding about the current knowledge in economics;
  • critically analyze the obtained research results, prepare them for the presentation at international conferences and publications in internationally reviewed editions;
  • regularly improve scientific qualification, implement scientific projects, carry out research and development tasks in various institutions and organizations.


Students are able to:

  • solve important tasks relating to research or innovations in the branch of economics by making independent, critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation;
  • independently put forward the research idea and relate the research theme to topical development tendencies in theory of contemporary economics;
  • use the opportunities provided by modern information and communication technologies to achieve the research goals;
  • plan, structure and manage large scope scientific projects, including international ones.

Doctoral students have possibilities:

  • to publish their articles in the journal “Regional Report”, „Social Sciences Bulletin” and the annual collections of research articles;
  • to participate in annual Doctoral students’ scientific conferences:
    • in 2011 on the theme “Development Strategy of Inter-Regional Economic Integration in the EU Conditions”;
    • in 2012 on the theme “Influence of Financial Capital on the Improvement of Competitiveness of Regional Economics”;
    • to have in-service training in the universities and research institutes in Lithuania, Poland, Germany and other countries;
  • to receive scholarship if the student studies for the state budget means.

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