Programme Duration: 3 academic years
Programme Workload: 120 CP / 180 ECTS CP
Admission Requirements Master’s Degree in Humanities or Social Sciences;
discussion on the research paper submitted, which presents an expanded conception of the Doctoral research;
examination in a foreign language.
Obtainable Degree: Doctor of History
Place of the Programme Implementation: Daugavpils University, 13 Vienības Street
Form of the Programme Implementation: full-time studies
Programme Director: Professor, Dr.hist. Irēna Saleniece
Study course descriptions Study course descriptions

The aim of the Doctoral Study Programme in History is education and training of highly qualified specialists – historians in the field of historiography and auxiliary historical disciplines, who are able to raise serious research problems and deal with the most significant issues, which are topical for modern historical research, in order to develop and improve the research (scholarly) potential of Latvia, Latgale region, and DU.

The tasks of the Programme are:

  • to provide the acquisition of a profound knowledge of topical theoretical and methodological problems in the modern historical research conducted in Latvia and abroad;
  • to ensure the acquisition of vast, comprehensive knowledge in the field of historical research, historiography, and auxiliary historical disciplines at the highest world-wide level, as well as deep special knowledge accumulated in the course of research-based studies and in independent research work in the areas that are connected with doctoral student’s studies;
  • to create conditions favorable for the acquisition of modern research methods, information technologies, and traditional approaches in the spheres of historical source criticism, historiographic analysis, and historical synthesis (representation of historical aspects and issues and the creation of a historical narrative);
  • to ensure the acquisition of the modern methodology of regional historical studies, to promote deeper understanding of regional/local history within the context of the history of Latvia, Europe, and the world;
  • to develop doctoral students’ skills that are necessary to implement independent projects based on up-to-date findings and research methods and to carry out independent research, thus achieving success according to international standards in this field of research;
  • to involve doctoral students in scholarly activities in DU, other universities in Latvia and beyond, to ensure doctoral students’ systematic participation at international conferences abroad and the preparation of publications (papers) for major historical periodicals, which reflect the results of their research work;
  • to create optimum conditions for doctoral students to accomplish their tasks, to work in archives and libraries in Latvia and abroad; to ensure possibilities for doctoral students to participate in international conferences and to promote the award of fellowships for doctoral students that give an opportunity to conduct research work in universities in Latvia and abroad;
  • to provide conditions for the development of a doctoral thesis and its submission for defence.

As a result of the programme’s acquisition, the graduate will acquire and be able to demonstrate:


  • the ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the most topical theoretical approaches and the latest findings in the field of Latvian and world history, historiography, auxiliary historical disciplines, and regional studies,
  • the ability to demonstrate that they can employ research methodology and modern research methods accepted in historical research, and especially in historiography and auxiliary historical disciplines.


  • the ability to independently assess and choose up-to-date research methods, modern information technologies, and traditional research methods relevant to the research tasks of historiography, regional studies, and auxiliary historical disciplines, as well as the ability to apply these methods and technologies in their own work,
  • the ability to contribute to historical knowledge, expand its boundaries in the field of historical research, historiography, auxiliary historical disciplines, and regional studies or to give a new insight into existing knowledge,
  • the skill to undertake a substantial (vast) original research,
  • the skill to communicate with a wider range of specialists in the sphere of doctoral student’s research and with society in general,
  • the skill to constantly improve one’s own researcher’s qualification,
  • the skill to implement research projects and gain successful results in historical research, historiography, and auxiliary historical disciplines according to international standards,
  • to conduct research assignments in enterprises, institutions, and organizations where comprehensive research knowledge and skills in historical research, and especially in historiography, auxiliary historical disciplines, and regional historical studies, are required.


  • the ability to independently deal with significant research tasks,
  • the ability to independently put forward a research idea and to take steps for its implementation,
  • the ability to plan, structure, and manage large scale research projects, including international projects.

Doctoral students have possibilities:

  • to study under the guidance of professional and experienced university lecturers;
  • to publish their articles and research results in annual DU collections of research articles and periodical publications;
  • to participate in annual scientific conferences in Daugavpils University and other higher educational establishments, as well as in international conferences;
  • to participate in international student exchange programmes and study at higher educational establishments abroad;
  • to participate in the implementation of projects related to the theme of research.

Content of DSP “History” (study courses)

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