Management Science

Doctoral study programme “MANAGEMENT SCIENCES” (51345)

Obtainable Degree:

Doctoral degree in Management Science (


–   Business administration;

–   Community administration;

–   Education management.

Place of the Programme Implementation: Daugavpils University Faculty of Education and Management, 1 Parādes Street
Form of the Programme Implementation: full-time studies – 3 years
Programme Director: Dr. psych., assoc. prof. Irēna Kokina
Language of teaching
Latvian and English
Study course descriptions Study course descriptions

Admission requirements

–          Master’s degree of Social Sciences in Economics, in Management sciences or in Education Management; students can be enrolled who have a Master’s degree of connate sciences, like demography, political science, sociology and law, as well as, by way of exception, those who have Master’s degree in other branches, if the person has at least a 2 year work experience in business administration, community administration or education management. Experience is acknowledged by submitting CV and other supporting documents if any (statements, certificates, diplomas, publications, etc.);
–          Research project, which is related to applicant’s research interests and potential theme of the doctoral thesis.
The aim of study programme: to ensure high-level studies and opportunities for doctoral students’  active scientific research, to provide doctoral students with the opportunity to deeper acquire the competences necessary for conducting independent research work and for completing it with obtaining original and empirically verified results in the branch of management science, thereby attesting to an internationally comparable experience for implementing, organizing and managing research activities.
Study outcomes obtainable as a result of implementing the Doctoral study programme:

  • Training specialists of higher scientific qualification in management science;
  • Making scientific discoveries significant for the development of the society;
  • Preparing doctoral theses, monographs, textbooks and teaching aids, scientific publications important for theory and practice;
  • Popularization of scientific research results at international and local conferences and seminars and in popular science editions;
  • On the completion of the studies and scientific research, the doctoral students:
    • will be able to demonstrate the acquired knowledge and understanding about current theories and conceptual findings in management and communication sciences; will be competent in scientific research methodology, will know methods of qualitative and quantitative research which provide for innovative studies of theoretical and practical problems;
    • are able to deal with significant research or innovative tasks, to make independent critical analysis, evaluation and creative synthesis;
    • by applying their knowledge, skills and abilities, will make a personal contribution to transference of knowledge to practice, will implement quite extensive research in some sub-branch of management science, part of which will be on the level of internationally recognized publications; doctoral students will be able to independently evaluate and select methods appropriate to scientific research;
    • are able to independently contribute a research idea, plan and structure scientific projects;
    • are able to work with students at a higher education establishment;
    • will be able to independently come up with a research idea, plan, organize and manage large scientific projects, including those within an international cooperation;
    • doctoral students will be able to communicate with the partners of their scientific research about the field of their scientific activity within the limits of management sciences, and will also be able to transfer scientific innovations at communicating with students and society;
    • doctoral students will be able to prepare and lead scientific projects, gaining scientific achievements appropriate to international criteria;
    • doctoral students will be able to perform academic work in a higher education establishment, lead research and developmental projects at enterprises, institutions and organizations thereby providing the transference of competences to practice.

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