Unmasking Exchange Students on a Fun-Packed Weekend Excursion

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“I think every institution taking part in Erasmus+ and other international programmes should held such an events. This supports students to socialize and experience interaction with different cultures which is important in promoting change.” – Mizgin Polat, student from Turkey

Daugavpils University organized a weekend excursion for exchange students from different countries such as Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Spain, and Turkey on October 9-10, 2021. This was conducted to promote the cultural heritage of Latvia, to see the historical atmosphere of country’s top attractions, and to allow students experience in interacting to co-students from various nationality. To secure the trip with complete excitement and with valuable takeaways, Janis Mickevičs from the university was present as the guide.

According to one of the exchange students from the Philippines, Jollibee Marilla, international excursion program helps international students in acquiring fundamental knowledge of Latvia’s important geographical location and in showcasing how people of the country value conservation and protection. This highlighted the intent of the program in ensuring the space for every student to feel at home in the country while studying in Daugavpils University.

Starter Pack Served in Sigulda. Three-hour drive from Daugavpils in reaching the first destination which was the Turaida Castle, a majestic castle constructed during medieval stone in 11th century. Experts believed that this was one of the first castle being built in Latvia. The place was visited by many tourists because of its exquisite structure, the sightseeing tower or was so-called as military watch tower. It facilitates the tourist to look out into the stunning view of Gauja National Park completed with Gauja river.

Applauding Journey in Riga. Remarkably fled from beautiful Sigulda and continued the tour heading to the heart of Latvia, the capital city, Riga. With walking tour around the old town, students seen many historical places and got familiarized with nostalgic tale along with the buildings. The three-hour tour in the old town was filled with insights and let the students enjoy more the beauty of Riga.

“I really enjoyed the trip because I found everything very interesting in different places and, I met more people from international exchange students and from Erasmus+ program students. Hoping for more trips for us to enjoy companionship with other students and for a worth it experience to other places.”, gratefully emphasized by Alfonso Conde Pérez, exchange student from Spain. This was not ended into the mentioned places, but this continued after checking out from the very accommodating hotel with a perfect and tasty breakfast being served.

Reaching the Beauty of Jurmala. Perfect place for the heights lover to try climbing the sightseeing tower in the park. On the other hand, the breeze of beautiful white sand beach of Baltic Sea cheered the students. “It supposed to be warm back in my hometown! But this unique cold beach created new experience to me.”, Afnan Saud, student from Indonesia cheeky-expressed his genuine thoughts.

Sounding a Glimpse to Bauska. Another castle was visited, and it was a Medieval Castle. The unique castle built in narrow land at the convergence of Musa and Memele river, forming Lielupa River. In the front gate, the astonishing attraction of the river can be seen right away, and this made the place more special aside from its historical supplements.

Finishing with the Majesty of Rundale. This was a perfect place with an idyllic setting for the last stop of the excursion, Rundale palace with all the buildings that have been restored from 1972 until 2014. “This last stop was the peak of the journey” said Nadia Najlani as they found this overwhelming park in the castle backyard. The freshness of the garden impressively revived the vibe of some students after the long ride.

It was successfully conducted, and this resulted to awesome stories to tell. International students were thankful for the opportunity that were given to them where they experienced embracing the beauty of some of the top attractions in Latvia. From the history itself to the resiliency of people in preserving their cultural identity and heritage, this hopefully opened the perceptions of international students to just feel at home. Another unmasking of adventure has been done!


Ben Raye Marco, Philippines and Daffa Mohammad Rifgi, Indonesia


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